"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" 

- Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Inner Peace Therapy

Welcome! Let's just pause a moment and recognize the courage and strength it took for you to seek out therapy today. Whether it be for yourself, your family or your precious kiddo... you did it! I can already see how much you or someone you love matters. This is a safe place, for you to come and find your way home, back to yourself. You are worth it!

Issues we treat include:
- Anxiety
- Behavioral concerns
- Depression
- Grief and loss
- Parent/child relationship
- Parenting coaching/support

- Past trauma, abuse and neglect
- Self-esteem/body image
- Self-harm & Suicidal thoughts

Currently we are accepting new clients and are offering telehealth services for individuals, families, children and adolescents!

Let us help you heal, find empowerment and come home!